To Elvira,


Our teacher, for whom we are who we are today.

Roxanne Liebenhoff
Raquel Arcos

Gestalt therapist, Art therapist.

Licensed in audio-visual media and communication, Complutense University, Madrid.

Degree in Dramatic Arts, William Layton Laboratory (Meisner technique).

Training with Susan Batson, Black Nexxus and Actor’s studio, New York.

Contemporary Dance.

Master’s in Systemic therapy (o.g.]

Bilingual in Spanish and English.

I chose to study audiovisual media and communication because I loved stories and I wanted to learn how to tell them. I learnt about the way information and communication work, but most of all I realised how relative everything is; stories depend on how you tell them, not on what you tell.

After my studies I identified a new need. Telling stories was not enough anymore; I wanted to live them. This need opened new paths towards the dramatic arts and my education as an actress. I had the opportunity to understand and experience how the characters I was interpreting had a life of their own. Just like us, these characters were forging their own destiny through their personality, their defenses and their decisions.

I wanted to investigate more, but not only fictional character’s lives but my very own. Gestalt therapy and Humanistic art-therapy helped me understand that nothing is casual; that I was my very own character forming and forging my life. And if I wanted to experience new things I would have to expand my resources. This was the beginning of a great personal change that has now become my profession.

All these years of soul searching, introspection and getting to know myself have taught me to live with more consciousness, creativity and presence. Sharing this experience with others and accompanying them in their own search of themselves has become my passion and professional goal.

Licensed in Psychology from the University of Kent.

Master's in Psychosocial studies from the Birkbeck college, University of London.

Formation in Art-therapy and Gestalt therapy [o.g.].

Master’s in grief guidance (o.g).

Acquainted with various artistic techniques (plastic arts, creative writing, photography).

English as a foreign language teacher.

Fluent in German, English, Spanish and a high level of French.

During my Bachelor degree in Psychology I found particular interest in the topics of identity, language and psychoanalysis. I wrote my Bachelor thesis about cross-cultural identity and recognition. Asking myself questions about the boundaries of our identity, it startled me to find that we are highly limited by our experiences, our culture, our biology: That indeed all of these elements make up our identity. During my Masters degree in Psychosocial studies I continued investigating these very limits, where I discovered in art and aesthetics a theme that inspired and moved me on a personal level. I wrote my Master thesis about the aesthetics of the self, which is the idea that we can create ourselves as a work of art. Taking this to heart I began pursuing a more experiential and practical professional path related to art, expression and identity.

In the last years I have been forming myself as an Art- and Gestalt- therapist. Continuing my education and personal growth, I have recently started a Master’s degree in grief guidance. But it is art therapy that brings it all together for me. Since a young age the arts have been a powerful way to express myself, work through inner conflicts and find tranquility. I truly believe that art and psychology should occupy a greater and more normalised place in society and education; Entre Mundos is a passion project to promote, share and continue learning from this cause of creative expression and self-knowledge.

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