Do you want to play and have fun? Would you like to improve your English? Or not lose touch with your native language? Have you ever felt difficulties expressing fear, shame, insecurity or shyness? Do you struggle with public speaking? Do you have a hard time taking decisions? Would you like to discover your free voice? This theatre workshop is a great opportunity to tackle some of these matters.


Gestalt theatre in English is an exciting alternative to conventional theatre classes. We offer the English run theatre workshops for those who would like to stay in touch with the English language (whether it is your mother tongue or your second language) all the while learning more about yourself, bettering your social skills and learning how to express yourself authentically.

In order to do so we will play with the combination of expressive techniques, self-discovery and self-realisation. Gestalt theatre is a holistic method, we work with themes such as awareness, responsibility, listening and expressive skills. But also with presence, interpretation, voice and body.


Through theatre we can explore situations, old and new, without any risk. Throughout the workshops we will be guiding you, helping you to identify habits, automatised responses and release tensions. This is a great opportunity for personal and creative growth.


2 hours per week: 50€ per calendar month

When?        Wednesdays 19.30-21.30h

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tel 652503177 / 684334249

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