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Over the past years we have been involved in a number of educational and social projects. Having had the opportunity to have a closer look at the processes of our educational, learning and coaching systems (in schools, NGO's and businesses alike) one common aspect stood out: we need to invest more into human resources.


What do we mean by human resource? Beyond the basics of corporate human resource structures such as employment, benefits and orientation and training, we believe that each and every one of us is a resource. From a psychological perspective we are talking about genuine personal resources. These resources are intrapersonal such as emotional intelligence and creativity or interpersonal such as the capacity to work in a team, communication and leadership competence.


With the goal of progress at heart we propose a simple formula. The empowerment of the individual in the interest of the whole. In order to progress we need to change. And in order to change we need awareness. And for awareness we need...well all we need is ourselves. Each and every one of us is the cheapest and most effective resource in order to grow and progress as a whole.

What do we propose? Applying a combination of psychological and psychosocial theory, theatre techniques, artistic mediums and coaching strategies we offer intensive seminars and workshops for your workforce or your managing teams.


We realise that every institution, business or learning institution has a unique profile, particular needs, resources and capabilities. It is important to us to work closely with you in order to design seminars or workshops tailored to your individual needs or ideas.


As a team we have chosen to distance ourselves from techniques that aim for fast and superficial results. Instead we design every seminar individually, while addressing concrete problems and goals directly. Our objective is in-depth learning from which participants as well as the institution can benefit in the long term.

Examples of topics:


Emotional Intelligence



Conflict resolution


Leadership styles

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