Holistic English

"A different language is a different vision of life"

F. Fellini

Through my personal and academic experience I have come to understand that psychology, art and language acquisition are closely related. Based on this we want to share a new way of learning languages with you.


We want to propose a paradigm shift in language teaching: Instead of teaching English as a foreign language, we want to investigate and explore authentic communication in English. Furthermore we propose an unusual objective for these language classes: Discover or even create yourself by discovering your English personality.


Let me explain. My experience tells me that something needs to happen inside of us for it to really mean something. In order to learn anything we need to be not just interested, but touched. My psychological background tells me that the only way to be touched is by connecting with a true part of ourselves. And by relating to the world from that very part of ourselves we open a path to creativity and through creativity we open a path to authentic communication.


Language is much more than spoken and written word or grammatical structure. Language is culture, humour, a certain way of feeling or moving the body. Each language has its own profile of gestures and mimicking. I would go as far as arguing that each language comes with its own perspective, with its own worldview.


This course is about liberating yourself from the linguistic strains of your mother tongue, it is about expanding your horizons, challenging yourself and learning with consciousness.

How? One of the main objectives of these language classes is making the learning experience real by using the English language in an authentic, natural, human way. This means learning with all our faculties; our minds, our emotions and our bodies. It also means being open minded, allowing ourselves to share authentically and breaching our comfort zones.


The classes will be interactive, dynamic, fun – amongst other techniques we will be using art, theatre and storytelling. Learning a language is a challenge and can be an emotional experience – frustration, anger, laughter, joy etc. form an essential part of the learning process. We will take advantage of them to truly connect with the English language and discover new parts of ourselves.


This is the antidote to the dry grammar class – there will be no vocabulary and no grammatical instruction. If you are looking for an interesting and entertaining way to improve, practice or stay in touch with your English knowledge you have found the right course.

For whom? In order to make the most of this course, it is necessary that you have an elementary, intermediate or advanced level of English. Unfortunately this course is not available for beginners. If you are not sure about your level do not hesitate to get in touch. Before starting the classes, each student will have a personal interview (in English of course) to asses the level of the class.

How long? Each cycle will run for a length of 6 months. If you want to continue you can pass onto the next cycle. You will receive a certificate for the completion of each cycle.


 2 hours weekly (one evening): 50€ per calendar month

20€ inscription fee


Mondays 19:00-21:00

Contact us for inscription or further information

tel 652503177 / 684334249

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