Entre Mundos is a cultural and educational collective based in Madrid, Spain. We are a versatile team with backgrounds in art-therapy, psychology, dramatic arts, medicine, coaching, gestalt therapy, plastic arts, psychoanalysis, communication, philosophy and social work. Our common passion is to cultivate, support and facilitate expression, creativity, learning processes, relationship building and self-discovery.

We aim to diffuse the stigma around the terms therapy and art. Instead we use both as tools for self-awareness, creative awakening and promoting change in our educational, personal and professional paradigm. Both creativity and change come from within (the individual, your business, school or team), based on that premise our courses are designed to encourage curiosity, learning, communication, team work, beauty and personal growth.

We design all of our seminars and workshops to meet the specific needs and interests of our clients. Each job is a creative process for us, thus it is highly important for us to work closely and personally with you. We organise training programs, seminars and workshops with businesses, educational institutions and [dramatic] art schools. For those who are interested in creative workshops, we hold one-off events ans workshops in Madrid.

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